Best Stroller for Big Kid

Our Review of the Best Stroller for Big Kid

When you looking to buy the best stroller for big kid, you have to focus on the structure’s sturdiness. Simultaneously you don’t want to compromise on the safety and comfort of the children. The stroller must carry the big kid, but at the same time, it should also provide maneuverability and agility along with safety and comfort. You cannot find all of these things in a single product without doing extensive research on the products, which might take longer, and it might be possible that your kid won’t need the stroller until that time.

To solve this issue, we have a list of the best stroller for big kid.

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Buying guide for the Best Stroller for Big Kid


You cannot compromise on the safety of the children so do we. That’s why we have provided you with the list of top-rated products that have earned the reputation of safest strollers for your children with certifications and standards. When you buy one for your kid, you must also not compromise on this feature.

Quality wheels

Wheels are the contact point of the stroller and ground. Without quality wheels, you cannot ensure the comfort of your child in the stroller. Air-filled tires and soft rubber tires with robust material are loved by parents.

Sun canopy

If you want to use the stroller in the open in sunny afternoons, you must go for a product that comes with a canopy and peek a boo window in it to keep a vigilant eye on your children.


The storage space is the most crucial thing you need after all the above-mentioned features. Without the substantial storage space, you cannot carry baby essentials with you on your tour outside.

Washable fabric

Children love to eat, drink and spill in the stroller. The removable and washable material will keep the stroller stink-free and clean for your daily strolls.


The best stroller for big kid must be made of sturdy material to keep the baby safe and comfortable in the stroller. If you want to buy one, you must go for the product that provides you easy to maneuver tires and safety harnesses for your kid to keep the child in a safe place in the open. The strollers which we have provided in the list do not compromise on safety, and all of these are made with sturdy material. Every product has scored well in safety tests and obtained various certifications to be able to sell in the market.

Choose any of the products and provide your baby the comfort they deserve in the daily strolls.

OUR TOP PICKS for the Best Stroller for Big Kid

This is our top pick is undoubtedly the best stroller for big kid when you want to make a list of the products. This product weighs only 13 pounds. But the lightweight aluminum provides the sturdy structure capable of holding the big baby in the lap of safety and comfort. The front wheels are shockproof and keep your baby comfortable in the bumpy areas.

When you are worried about safety, this product has cleared the safety tests and won various testing organizations' certifications. The rear wheels are equipped with a strong brake that allows you to stop it right away and keep it in the place you want, even on the slopes.

The lightweight stroller is a perfect thing to drag along while doing daily errands. The 5 point safety harness system keeps your baby firm in place, and you won't have to worry about your kid getting excited and fell out of the stroller. The 4 point position system makes this stroller the most comfortable and safe for your young ones.


  • Lightweight stroller
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Large seating area
  • Anti-shock front wheels
  • Lockable rear wheels
  • Four-position recline
  • 5 point safety harness
  • 50 pounds maximum weight capacity
  • Easy compact fold


  • Tandems are a bit longer


The list of the best stroller for big kid is incomplete without adding the umbrella stroller for big kid. This stroller is the perfect thing to use during the Disney tours. It has all the basic requirements that Disney requires from a stroller. 5.5-inch front and back wheels provide a firm grip on the slopes and bumpy areas.

The stroller keeps your kid cool and comfortable in the warm weather, and the umbrella shade keeps the kid away from the sunlight, and you can take your baby anywhere you like. The front wheels have a swivel and suspension system that allows you to control and handle the stroller. The suspension system provides comfort and safety to your children.

Safety is the main concern of the manufacture of this product. The three-point safety harness keeps your baby safe in the excitement or bumpy rides. The stroller has earned various certifications and passed the safety standards from ASTM, CPSC, and JPMA.


  • Comfy ride
  • padded seat rolls
  • Meets Disney size requirements
  • 5-inch wheels
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Robust suspension system
  • Extendable canopy
  • Sun visor
  • Removable carry organizer
  • Storage basket


  • Limited leg support

A jogging stroller for big kid is equipped with robust features and a sturdy structure. On our list of the best stroller for big kid, this product has earned a place because of the bigger wheels that provide you with a comfortable jogging experience. The front-wheel provides you maneuverability and ease at high speed. You can jog and run the way you want by taking your kid daily.

The product is extremely easy to fold. You can use your single hand to fold it. When you are in the park or on the track, the product will provide your baby safety and comfort. And it can easily be attached to the car seat. When you are near your car, hold the baby in one hand, and by using the other hand, fold the stroller and put it in the trunk.

The product has earned the certification for safety, and you don't have to worry about your baby`s comfort and grip on the track. You can put the Graco infant car seat with a one-step attachment, and it will provide your baby the safety and comfort you want.


  • Secure one-step attachment
  • One-second fold
  • One-hand fold
  • Automatic storage lock
  • Self-standing when folded
  • 3-wheel stroller
  • Air-filled rubber tires
  • Roust suspension
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The front-wheel might squeak after regular use

Graco Ready2Grow is the best stroller for big kid and growing families. The rear seat allows you to put the baby weighing up to 40 pounds. And the front seat provides you with the capacity of 50 pounds. There is a large storage basket that allows you to put all the baby essentials for both of the kids in the basket, along with your personal belongings.

The snack tray has an extended area that can keep various goodies and snacks your children like. The dual front wheels provide swivel maneuverability, so you can take the stroller anywhere you want without any hassle. The sturdy structure with dual canopies provides a comfortable and safe place for your children on the go.

It is also the best stroller for big toddlers and growing children. The 3 and 5 point harness system keeps your baby safe in the stroller. And the material is made with 20% cotton and 80 % polyester. It is washable and safe for children in all the different weather conditions. In extreme heat, the material remains cool, and an automatic one-hand fold is the most loveable feature of this stroller.


  • Double stroller with two riding options
  • Removable face-time rear seat
  • One-hand fold with automatic lock
  • Large storage basket
  • Extended snack trays
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Standing platform
  • 50 pounds capacity
  • 3 and 5 point safety harnesses


  • Some say it is a bit heavy

In the quest for a double stroller for big kid, you will find the Joovy stroller to provide you with all the necessary features and options you want from the best stroller for big kid. The stroller is compact, and its 30-inch width allows it to pass through all the standard doors. But the inner area is spacious enough to accommodate the heavy and healthy children with ease and comfort.

The product has passed all the safety tests and earned the necessary certifications to be able to sell as the best stroller for big kid. You don't have to force both the children to stay in the same position. If one child wants to recline and the other wants to sit tight. You can do it for both by independently providing them the exact position they require, or you feel safe and comfortable for them.

A removable bumper bar and a huge storage basket make it the ultimate choice for parents with a growing family. There is a peek-a-boo window in the canopy. You can save your children from the sun and at the same time keep an eye on the mood and position of the children.


  • Passes through standard doors
  • Recline each seat independently
  • Independent footrest adjustability
  • One-hand fold
  • Huge storage basket
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Chemical-free material
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • sealed bearings on large wheels
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Linked parking brakes


  • If there is a heavy kid on one side, it will pull to one side

It is a specific kind of the best stroller for a big kid, which you can convert into a travel system by adding an infant car seat to place on it. The Britax car seat can easily be attached to this stroller, and it will provide you with ease and comfort all day long. This is the most loveable stroller for the parents in summer. The side walls are vented, and it will keep your children fresh with a regular air supply.

Moreover, the breathable material is the perfect thing that will keep your baby cool and comfortable on a warm sunny day, the canopy will block the harmful rays of the sun, and your child would love to sleep in the stroller. The self-standing position when you fold it is a sigh of relief when you have a kid in your arms, and you want to open the trunk of the car.

Folding this stroller is a piece of cake. Take the baby out of the stroller, and by using one hand, fold the stroller, and it will keep standing without any support. There is a large storage basket that can accommodate all the kid essentials, and it will also leave some room to hold your goodies as well in there.


  • Britax infant car seat adapters
  • It can be converted to a travel system
  • Breathable cool flow fabric
  • Mesh seatback
  • Vented sidewalls and seating area
  • One-hand quick fold
  • Self-standing position when folded
  • Large storage basket
  • Smooth ride
  • Lightweight design
  • Swivel front wheels
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Ventilated canopy
  • Peek-a-boo window


  • Difficultly to clean fabric

When you want an everyday stroller, you cannot go for a heavy and bulky stroller. The best stroller for big kid in everyday use is the product that provides you with agility, comfort, and ease on daily strolls with a comfortable handle, safe seating area, and high-end performance wheels. You get all of these in the Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller.

The aluminum frame is the most powerful and sturdy structure that weighs only 14 pounds, and it provides you with the convenience of lightweight and sturdiness of robust material. There is 5 point harness that safely keeps your baby in place and provides you with the safest and secure area to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

The reclining seat with an oversize canopy provides your baby with cozy and comfortable seating on various terrains and roads. The easy-to-fold feature is undoubtedly the most wonderful feature that allows you to carry it with padded support and run errands without any hassle.


  • Lightweight stroller
  • Durable frame
  • Premium fabrics and stitching
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Aluminum frame
  • It weighs only 14 pounds
  • Multi-position adjustable recline seat
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Compact fold
  • Padded carry strap
  • Flip-out sun visor
  • Peek-a-boo window


  • Not perfect for heavy children

Another treat of the best stroller for big kid in the jogging category is the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller. You get all the features of a jogging stroller and the comfort of a fully-loaded walking stroller. In short, this is the most versatile type of stroller in the jogging category. The front wheel is fixed with a high-quality swivel that provides maneuverability and comfort while jogging.

The handlebar allows you to push it even with one hand. First, just put the hand in the middle of the comfortable and ergonomic handle and then push the stroller by increasing your jogging speed. Bigger rear wheels absorb shock and bump to provide a comfortable ride to your children on the rough terrain.

The reclining seat has five harness points that are padded with comfy foam to provide your kid with extreme comfort and joy. You can use this stroller to carry the big kid up to 50 pounds without any issue. The sturdy structure is capable of providing safety and comfort to your baby in high-speed jogging.


  • Large bicycle tires
  • Effortless over all surfaces
  • Front swivel wheel
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Reclining padded seat
  • 5 point harness
  • Large canopy
  • Storage basket
  • Convenient child and parent trays
  • Easy compact fold
  • Lockable Front Swivel Wheel
  • Ergonomically shaped handle


  • It can be tricky over curbs

The last entry on the list of the best stroller for big kid is a wonderful product that can be collapsed into a compact product that you can place under the bed or in the smaller places in your home. You don't have to worry about clearing up all the space in the trunk.

If you carry it to the rough terrain, your kid will remain safe and comfortable because of the flexible construction. The durable design of the product consequently allows you to take it to difficult terrains and enjoy nature along with your kid.

You will also incorporate the love of nature in your child from an early age with the help of this stroller. When your baby gets tired, you can turn the stroller into the recliner and make your baby fall asleep on difficult to tread terrain without any hassle.


  • Collapsible and compact design
  • Ultra-compact
  • Collapsible design
  • Durable structure
  • Flexible Construction
  • Reclining seatback
  • Sun canopy
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Sturdy stroller
  • Safe for the kids


  • Cannot allow adjusting the car seat