Best Formula for Sensitive Stomach

Our Review of Best Formula for Sensitive Stomach 2021

Only new mommies know the importance of breastfeeding. The first diet for the newborn is mother’s milk and it should be given within 4 hours of birth. However, there are many substitutes to the mother’s milk and some come with proper nutrition and the nearly same composition. Thus, you should find the best formula for sensitive stomach of the newborn that could prevent gas and further complications. 

Moreover, formula milk comprises of cow milk or the powdered ingredients in well-balanced proportions.  Many powdered milks are formulated with harmless and chemical-free components. The baby’s stomach is so sensitive and organic ingredients are well combined in a balanced ratio to enhance the immunity and growth of the baby.

What is the significance of formula milk?

Formula milks are made to provide the efficient amount of development and health of the baby. The balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, biotics, and prebiotics are summed up in one bottle to grow the baby strong and healthy. There is no replacement for breast-milk but some formula milk is made with love and care and the taste is somewhat similar to breast milk.

However, formula milk comes in three forms, concentrated liquid, powder, and instant feeding liquid. All continuants are made with love and care and won’t disturb the digestive system of the baby. One must have to be careful in buying formula milk because the wrong choice may lead to digestive and kidney impairments.

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Buying guide for the Best formulas for a sensitive stomach

If you are having trouble finding the best formula milk for your baby, you should go through the provided list of some best products. Babies usually suffer from gas, discomfort, and constipation during 1 month. This is a crucial time for parents as well as the babies. Thus, you should find the best formula for a sensitive stomach to provide healthy and nutritious options for your baby.

The milk should be close to breastmilk and gentle to the tummy of the baby. There are many benefits of breastfeeding, if you have to choose formula milk then, you must go for the one that could be beneficial and provide the same nutrition as the breastmilk.

However, many brands are available in the market to provide formula milk with different compositions. Thus, you have to choose the one with the appropriate proportion of every nutrient. The composition should be organic, non-GMO, and without any artificial flavors. The Baby’s stomach is so sensitive and it should be dealt with care and love.

Composition of the formula milk

Formula milk is available from cow’s milk to lactose-free options. You should choose wisely the composition that couldn’t harm the baby’s stomach. It’s important to know that switching the formula frequently is not a good thing for the baby. If one powder milk is not suiting your child, you can ask any pediatrician for the perfect formula milk according to the baby’s needs.

Cow’s milk

Cow’s formula milk is the perfect choice for parents who want the best option for their newborn. The composition is close to breastmilk and it’s the proven formula to cure gas, colic, or any other discomfort. The digestive system of the baby will be improved and the organic composition will let you use the milk without any fear.

Soy’s milk

Soy’s milk is made from derived plant proteins. It’s the ideal replacement for a baby with lactose intolerance. A purely organic source would let you provide a balanced amount of nutrition and proteins to your child. This milk formula will aid cognitive and motor function development.


If you find that baby is having a protein absorption issue, you can use the hydrolyzed milk for relaxing your crying and a fussy baby. Thus, protein is broken down into smaller particles that promote gut health and easy absorption. It’s the number one solution to cure the gas and constipation issues in newborns.


In lactose-free formulas, corn syrup is used instead of lactose to provide the required amount of protein. This type of milk is specially formed for babies with lactose intolerance and allergy issues. The formula is very light and has some positive effects on the GIT of the baby. The fast absorption and the light consistency would help maintain the proper diet of the child.

 Nutrients and serving options

The milk should have the appropriate number of prebiotics, probiotics, iron, and vitamins for aiding the growth of the baby. The combination of these nutrients should be gentle enough for the sensitive tummy of the baby. However, it’s important to choose the milk that will all the necessary nutrients for healthy and proper nourishment.

The serving option is mentioned on each box with age and the number of scoops. Thus, there will be no difficulty in feeding the baby with the required amount. However, you can ask the doctor for further help. Try to be natural and choose the milk with the organic formulation.


I have made things quite easy by providing the best formulas for sensitive stomach. It’s necessary to choose the milk that could soothe the baby’s stomach. Moreover, gas and colic issues are common in newborns That’s why parents don’t feel panic try the best formula milk as a substitute for breast milk and stay worry-free.

The baby will grow healthy and the organ development will be according to the age requirements. The balanced nutrients will aid further growth. Thus choose wisely to bring giggles into your baby’s life.

for the Best formulas for a sensitive stomach

Although all ingredients are mentioned in a bottle of milk it’s necessary to consult a pediatrician before buying formula milk for your child. The well-adjusted dietary components won’t create any problem for the baby’s stomach and you will have the ease to feed him/her. I’m going to mention some best formulas for a sensitive stomach to guide you for the best purchase. Let’s have a look.

Similac Pro-Advance is almost similar to mother's milk. It's the number one formula comprised of 2’- FL HMO to maintain the quality and standard of the milk. Unlike many other formula milk, the product is formulated with organic and natural ingredients and there is no difference between the milk obtained from rbST-treated and non-rbST-treated cows.

Moreover, the milk is well-known to reduce fussiness, gassiness, and split up after one day of usage. If you want to use the best formula milk for a sensitive stomach, Similac is the first choice for the parents. With the combination of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E, milk will improve the growth, eye, and brain development in infants.


  • chemical-free
  • have natural ingredients
  • best formula for colic and gas
  • affordable
  • improves the development
  • support eye and brain growth


  • it may smell fishy

Enfamil is inspired by breast milk and has the ingredients that support the immunity and brain health of the babies. You will be amazed to find the protein-based MFGM and DHA that is found in mother’s milk. The formula is associated to cure gas and fussiness without disturbing the stomach of the baby.

If you want to buy a very light and the easy to digest formula for your baby, Enfamil is the right choice with the blend of digestible protein, Vitamin C, E, and selenium to support the immunity and the overall health of the baby.


  • builds brain
  • enhance immunity
  • aids growth
  • the best formula for gas and fussiness
  • affordable and refillable box
  • best formula for sensitive stomach


  • milk doesn’t have prebiotics

Enfamil is a famous and number one brand to win the heart of parents. Enfamil soy milk formula is lactose-free and has the same constituents as the other usual milk have. Its DHA ratio is similar to the other powder milk and increases the immunity of the baby by accelerating the growth hormones.

When you browse the best dairy-free formula, you will find Enfamil soy milk on top of the list. It's better to purchase the milk with SNAP benefits and get the high-quality dietary component for your baby’s gentle tummy.


  • Promotes growth
  • Build-up immune system
  • Dairy-free
  • Gentle to tummy
  • Soy-based


  • Check the expiry date before buying the milk

it's challenging to buy the best formula for gassy newborns, happy baby has solved this problem. The powder milk has magical effects on a baby's growth when used routinely. You can add this formula along with breast-feeding. Its composition is organic and has 75 % less lactose than the other powdered milk.

However, it's recommended to use the milk within 30 days of opening the seal and it would taste like mother's milk and your baby will consume it happily. The progressive growth and a healthy immune will allow you to use the milk without any worry.


  • reduce gas and discomfort
  • organic composition
  • 75 % less lactose
  • Stage 1 sensitive formula
  • Weight is 21 ounces
  • Best formula for sensitive stomach


  • Never use the milk after 30 days of opening

Happi Tummi is a 100 % authentic and external remedy for colic, gas, and stomach pain. The formula is comprised of some specialized components that are beneficial in healing. You can use this milk until the baby becomes a toddler. The pouch can be reusable and is treated with heat for 15 to 20 seconds.

Moreover, the product comes along with a waistband to provide warmth and the sung compression joined with a therapeutic herbal pouch. The milk is considered to be the best infant formula for gas, and discomfort. You can try this milk because of its herbal and natural composition that couldn’t affect the baby's digestive system.


  • comes with waist wrap
  • natural herbal aromatherapy
  • relieves gas and colic
  • improves GIT and bowel movements
  • Suitable for babies and toddlers
  • Prevent acid reflux


  • Not suitable for babies with lactose intolerance

If you are a new mom, you must be searching for some quick gas relief remedies. Little Remedies have something exceptional to cure tummy stomach pain. The drops are free of chemicals, alcohol, and parabens. You can bring back the giggles and sniffles of the baby by giving the drops in the required amount. However, for the best result, you can mix the drops in 1oz of water or milk for effectiveness.

Unlike other gas drops the product is available in cherry flavor and its taste is irresistible for infants. It’s the number one recommended gas drops from the pediatrician. The sugar-free formula is excellent in bringing calmness to your baby's life.


  • no artificial flavor
  • paraben-free
  • sugar-free
  • best infant formula for gas
  • safe for newborn
  • berry flavor
  • alcohol-free
  • relief stomach pain


  • never exceed the recommended dose of drops

Similac Pro-advance is the best formula closet to breastmilk. Similac is one of the top brands to provide quality and proven milk powders. The formula comprises DHA, lutein, Vitamin E to develop the brain and eyes. The parents are satisfied after using this light and nutritious milk for babies.

Moreover, the milk is known to release the immune cells that are essential to developing protective proteins. Thus, the common causes of discomfort like gas, stomach pain, split-up, will be cured and the baby will be calm and happy.


  • 2’-FL HMO for Immune Support
  • Closet to breastmilk
  • Vitamin E develop the eye
  • DHA improves the brain health
  • Chemical-free
  • No artificial growth hormones
  • Cures gas, and stomach pain


  • Use the recommended dose for specified water amount

Happy baby has tried his best to originate the formula that could be full of lactose and almost similar in taste to breastmilk. Its 100 % organics and have beneficial nutrition and carbohydrates to empower the growth and immune system. The milk is facilitated with two healthy prebiotics GOS & FOS to promote healthy bacterial growth in the gut.

It's important to find out the various nutritious recipes for your baby's growth from 1 to 12 months. Happy baby has become famous because of its originality and the natural dietary products for the babies. You can find cereals, recipes, and other baby eating essentials along with milk to maintain and develop the healthy immune system of your baby.


  • milk-based powder
  • comprises of iron
  • have GOS & FOS prebiotics
  • best formula for a gassy fussy baby
  • relives the tummy discomforts
  • improves growth
  • build-up immune system
  • has various recipes
  • ideal from 1 month
  • parents and doctors trusted formula


  • avoid using the milk if you see anything unusual after the first time of use

Nestle coffee matte is not new in introducing healthy and nutritious dietary products in the market. if you are finding the best formula for gassy babies, Gerber is here to help you. You will be worry-free after feeding your baby this milk. There will be no signs of gas, discomfort, colic, constipation, and your baby will giggle and sleep with comfort.

Moreover, prebiotics, probiotics, and comfort proteins in their composition would aid the healthy growth of bacteria in the gut to soften the stool and avoid constipation. You will find soft and gentle tummy foods along with milk. The yummy purees, cereals, and many more options for your baby's accurate development.

Thus, make Gerber your trusted brand and provide a comfortable, happy life to your baby. The oligosaccharides in the formulation are a replacement for mother's milk and you can use this reliable milk for your precious baby.


  • closet to breast milk
  • best formula for sensitive stomach
  • easy to digest
  • contains prebiotics and probiotics
  • comfort protein
  • help to develop the baby’s stomach
  • provide relief from gas and colic
  • tried and trusted brand
  • has cereals and purees for toddlers
  • have oligosaccharides
  • DHA for brain and eye development


  • Ask the pediatrician before using this formula

It's really hard to find the best formula for gassy babies because it's the primary issue that a parent can experience having a newborn baby. The Enfamil Enspire is a gentle and nutritious formula that could provide positive results without harming the health of your baby.  The formula is perfect and well-balanced with Lactoferrin and MFGM that is close to mother's milk.

Furthermore, lactoferrin is the key component of colostrum and breastmilk is also found in its formulation to provide the comfort and first nutritious diet to your baby. If we talk about cognitive development, MFGM is there to support the immune system and brain of the baby.

Digestive growth is the primary need of every parent and the formula with Omega 3, DHA 0.32%, and healthy prebiotics are essential in developing the proper GIT and promote gut motility by curing gas and colic issues.


  • best formula for sensitive stomach
  • best for brain growth
  • improve digestive system
  • support immune system
  • aids the growth of intestinal bacteria
  • contains lactoferrin
  • clinically proven formula
  • non-GMO
  • no artificial flavors
  • organic and near to breastmilk formula


  • If your baby doesn't have a problem within 24-hours, you can continue the milk


What is the best formula for sensitive tummies?

The baby’s stomach is the most sensitive part of the body organ. That’s why you should start with soft and organic formula having no preservatives and chemicals. Well, I will suggest starting with Similac Sensitive Isomil Soy Powder to provide an efficient amount of nutrients.

Which formula is easiest to digest?

Enfamil is one of the best options to introduce formula milk. The milk is totally milk-based and GMO-free. It won’t hurt the baby’s stomach and there would be no sign of gas after giving the required dose. It contains partially broken-down proteins that will be gentle to the tummy.

What is the best formula for babies with reflux and gas?

Gerber Good Start SoothePro Powder Infant Formula is considered to be an excellent option for the baby. There are no preservatives and fillers that could harm the stomach. Thus, you can give this formula without any worry and your baby will be calm and cool after feeding with this formula.


How do I know if my baby’s formula is upsetting?

If your baby is having episodic reflux and is upset because of gas in the stomach. Gas is a usual condition and it may last for three months but continuous refluxes are not good and it’s because of formula milk that is causing trouble for your baby.

What is the closest formula to breast milk?

Similac Pro-Total Comfort is the best option for newborn babies. If you want to introduce formula milk you should buy this soft and gentle milk powder. It’s close to breast milk and you can use this without worrying about gas and reflux.

What is the best baby formula to start with?

Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease is top of the list among the rest because of its gentle formulation. It’s organic and provides a sufficient number of vitamins and nutrients for growth and healthy babies.

What formula do pediatricians recommend?

Gerber Good Start SoothePro Powder Infant Formula is recommended by many pediatricians. It’s free of chemicals, GMO-free and there are no fillers in detailing the milk. You can choose this formula to get a completely healthy diet for your baby.